LET’S DANCE! A brief reflection on International Dance Day

Apr 29, 2023 | News

International Dance Day is a celebration of the art of dance and its power to connect people from all over the world, breaking cultural, political and geographic barriers. It is observed annually on the 29th April. This date was chosen in 1982 by the international dance committee of the UNESCO International Dance Institute to highlight the talent and diversity of dancers all across the world. The 29th of April commemorates the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre who was a French dancer and choreographer known to be the creator of modern ballet.

Dance has been a staple aspect of culture for over 9000 years! First evidence of dance was found in cave paintings, showing the spiritual ancient rituals performed using dance. Dance can be used to tell stories, display emotions, and unite people. Modern dance has developed into many different styles across the world, with a rich history and meaning. From hip-hop to chinese dragon dances to classical ballet. People enjoy their favourite dances on this day or learn something new. Sharing our culture and talents makes us a community.

Dance is about taking delight in movement itself. Irrespective of age, gender, ability or rhythm. International Dance Day celebrates this phenomenon of dance, encouraging people to release energy and dance with one another. It’s not only an artistic expression but a way to stay fit and healthy. Dance is a full body activity that can improve cardiovascular health, build strength and endurance, enhance flexibility and balance. Dance also affects our mental health, relieving stress, boosting moods and improving cognitive functions

International Dance day is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of dance and the many ways it enriches our lives. It is a day to recognise the hard work and dedication of dancers, choreographers, and teachers who devote their lives to the art form. According to the UK parliament, 40,000 people are employed in the dance industry in the UK. It is also a day to encourage more people to get involved in dance and experience the joy of moving to music and discovering the many mental and physical benefits for themselves.

On International Dance Day, dance schools, theatres and cultural organisations around the world hold performances, workshops and other events to celebrate the art of dance. These events provide opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to experience the joy of dance and to learn more about the many different forms. There aren’t any rules to celebrate on International Dance Day, only to make sure you’re dancing and have fun!